BBC Documentary: American Nomads

american nomads

“Every time I come home to the electricity bill, the gas bill, the internet bill, the phone bill, the cell phone bill, the water bill, the sewage bill, the credit card bill, the truck payment, the truck insurance, the renters insurance… I kind of remember all of those years I spent without an address. You know, without any bills and without any financial obligations.”

This is an interesting BBC documentary called ‘American Nomads’. People who roam the southwestern U.S. free from the bonds and chains of normal every day life, and at a much lower cost of living than their settled counterparts.

I absolutely loved this documentary.  It makes me get buck fever thinking about my urban life and working as an executive in corporate America’s computer technology industry.  I yearn for the open road, no bills, no deadlines, no corporate board meetings.  We don’t get retirement anymore, the corporate engines of America robbed us of that.  Now we are told to save your 401K and try to make people believe that it will carry you through your life.  The truth is after putting away 10% of every check for 15 years that when I hit 20 years, after taxes I will have savings for only 3 years to live on.  It’s all about quality of life and the pursuit of happiness.

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