Nanny State Roundup: Boogie Board Bans And Parking App Prohibitions

nanny state

In August, parking won’t be getting any easier in Boston as the nanny state or ‘city council’ pre-emptively bans parking spot reservation apps like Haystack. And one New York state senator makes it his mission to finally push through a 14-year-old bill to “ensure families know the dangers associated with old sunscreen.” But there can only be one Nanny of the Month, and this August it goes to another nanny draining the summer fun out of the beach: The New York City parks department, which has banned boogie boards.

Insiders speculate that the ban has to do with two kids swept out to sea on boogie boards while using them in the middle of Hurricane Bertha. But all the parks department administrator had to say was this: “There has been an increased use of them, and we have to ban them for people’s safety.” Because we all know that once something gets popular enough, it must be banned!

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