Iran’s Press TV Does Air Positive Stories About The United States

iran usa peace deal - Press TV

Iran’s state-funded English language channel, Press TV, is almost thoroughly dismissed among mainstream news networks in the United States as a propaganda channel, which thrives on airing non-stop stories that portray the U.S. in a negative light. And while I do enjoy viewing Press TV as a vital source of 3rd party information, I would probably be lying to you if I told you it wasn’t!

However, if you came to the realization that if the United States simply stopped being an imperialistic warmongering bully, and got some it’s serious internal social issues under control, Press TV is actually very willing to extend the olive branch and air positive stories on the United States.

On the other hand, all manner of news channels across the United States (with the exceptions of RT or The Ron Paul Channel) will NEVER dare to present anything about Iran which is amicable or complimentary, even when they are clearly deserving of such praise.

The fact of the matter is, Iran DOES want a lasting peace with the United States and it’s neighbors, but the U.S.-Israeli partnership is determined to stymie and demonize Iran whenever possible. Way to be a poor sport guys.

PressTV shows their support and praise for a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology students who have created a “smart bench”, which uses solar power to charge mobile phones in public places.

PressTV acknowledges the anniversary of one of the United States’ greatest national accomplishments, the epic spaceflight known as Apollo Eleven, which landed on the moon on the twentieth of July 1969.

PressTV is enthusiastic about the designs for a new generation of supersonic airplanes from Boeing and Lockheed Martin (especially since they will be for civilian use and not potentially used to bomb Iran).

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