Andrew Henderson – The Best Places To Live And Work Overseas

young man going overseas to travel - Live And Work Overseas

Sick of the debilitating regulations and pitiful economic opportunity in the United States? The ‘Nomad Capitalist’ has some suggestions for the best places to live and work overseas.

What does it take to be a global entrepreneur? Andrew Henderson, the proprietor of ‘Nomad Capitalist’, joins the Success Harbor podcast to talk about his favorite places for entrepreneurs to live, do business, and invest overseas.

After five months of travelling in Eastern Europe, he was admittedly underwhelmed. However, he believes Asia has a fantastic business climate. China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and even Cambodia were notable standouts.

In South America, Colombia is another country that everybody is talking about. Colombia is wonderful for both it’s proximity to the United States and the fact that it’s the 2nd most free economy in the continent. It has also experienced vastly improved domestic peace and security in the past decade.

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