Thirty-Something MGTOW Responds To The Record Low Marriage Rate

mgtow unite - Record Low Marriage Rate

The rate of marriage in the USA is the lowest since 1920, and a growing number of men have very valid reasons to back up the record low marriage rate.

The Census Bureau reported Thursday that the nation’s marriage rate is the lowest since 1920, and the first-time inclusion of same sex married couples did little to reverse the decline. According to Pew Research Center analysis, the marriage rate of Americans 18 and older hit a bottom of 50.3 percent in 2013, down from 50.5 percent in 2012. In 1920, the first year mentioned, 65 percent were married, and the marriage rate hit a high of 72.2 percent in 1960. Here is a modern man’s take on this societal shift…

“Spent my twenties focusing on foundation of good career and financial independence. I was a “good guy” (which I’m very proud of being). The ladies preferred the bad boys. Now in my thirties things have changed and I am approached quite often, unfortunately. The issue is it is almost always by divorced / single mothers or the ex-party-girl.

I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in raising some other mans kid or being the sucker who settles for a used car with high mileage and old luggage in the trunk. I didn’t work hard to get where I am for your benefit. At this point trying to filter out the garbage is just too time consuming to bother. So the plan is never getting married, no kids, retire as early as possible and just enjoy my life to the fullest.”

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