Three Different Viewpoints On Cancer


Whether you believe cancer is lifestyle related, the result of ageing, or that it “can and does just happen”, it reconfirms that not one day is promised to you.

I. “Cancer is predominately lifestyle related. If you sit around with a laptop on your nuts, and a cell phone in your pocket while eating fatty processed foods, sitting in artificially lit rooms while stressed, and the only way you relax is alcohol and cigarettes, contributing to a highly reduced immune function in a city that is highly polluted from all the cars, then I too imagine that would be a contributing factor to your cancer.

If you enjoy the outdoors, eat healthy and exercise. You won’t need to worry about cancer. You can hope you get better and you will have lived a better life. Unlike Steve Jobs, you will die knowing the beauty of the world because you were not always at work.”

II. Cancers are the result of ageing, like almost all other diseases. The longer you live the more likely you will contract some disease. Exercise? Has no effect on health or longevity. As long as you just walk around a little (like a 1/4 mile a day) more exercise will do nothing for you.

Diet? Has hardly any effect on health unless you’re an alcoholic and just drink your meals. Fat? only if you’re over a critical weight level. A 160 lb female may look crappier than a slim one but that’s not heavy enough to effect health.”

III. “Cancer can and does just happen. My father never drank, smoked, he was also a vegan. Neither of his parents had cancer. He was never in an environment with cigarettes (he hated smokers) he was very active and loved life.

I’m sick of people pouting about how foods will give you cancer blah blah blah. I also know a few diabetics that are far from being over weight. Knowing all this I have thrown caution to the wind, I am now a smoker and eat candy, cake and red meat daily.”

No matter your opinion, the laws of nature and the formation of various cancers remain unchanged. Not one day that you are here on this Earth has been promised to you. So make the most of every day as if it was you last. And every breath as if it was the same.