Why It’s Hard For American Men To Get Married

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Marriage is on the decline all across the United States. In the 1960’s only one in ten adults over the age of 25 preferred the bachelor life. That proportion has more than doubled in the 2010’s. So why do so many falter at the altar?

Well according to data, what unmarried ladies want the most in a husband is a steady job. Unfortunately, steady jobs are a lot harder to come by in 2014 when compared to 1960. In 1960, there were 139 unmarried men with a job for every 100 women, but that number has plummeted to just 91 unmarried men with a job for every 100 women in the 2010’s.

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  • Graachus

    It’s easy to get married. What’s hard is surviving the inevitable wife instigated divorce that will rape you emotionally and financially, crippling you in every aspect of your life for more years than a murder conviction would have seen you behind bars. The vast majority of reasonably intelligent men (the ones who are seen as ‘marriage material’) have already concluded that marriage is a liability, with incredible downsides and hazards. More and more men raised in broken homes by mentally unstable and emotionally abusive mothers have simply gone Galt. Those men raised in stable homes with loving parents where the mother is a stabilizing force in the home are appalled and disgusted by the women they meet and end up with foreign born wives from countries where the family is important and marriage valued and treasured. In all cases the typical western harridan is being abandoned to her cat collection and strident cries of “it’s not fair, I deserve to be haaaaapy!”

    • Jell-Oh

      You nailed it sir!