The Underbelly Of America Are Not ‘Losers’

homeless young adults - Underbelly Of America

That evil put down word ‘loser’ would be applied by most unthinking Americans to describe the majority of the seemingly “with it” homeless youth that one stumbles across in their efforts to portray the underbelly of America. This nasty epithet though, has moved up a notch and has come to describe the vast majority of citizens battling to keep their heads above water in rat race U.S.A. altogether. With jobs being sold offshore and the super rich consolidating their power, middle America is disappearing soon to join the ranks of the burgeoning under class. In this battle to survive, “starving artists” of all description will be those who fall. 

When everyone is a starving artist, and the 1% can’t make a buck out of them, then goodbye culture. It’s already happening in the film industry. There we have a set of nasty court jesters ruling the roost. These violent foulmouthed chroniclers of the present day American reality are treated like gurus and honored with all sorts of accolades. We all know who they are, the trail blazers pushing the barriers of good taste and acceptable behavior with every new film or TV program they make. They are rather the anti-losers, held in high regard and have Facebook “friends” numbering in the millions.

Gut wrenching violence and cynical degradation of every aspect of human activity is now the norm. Blue prints for low life wannabe mobsters, sexual predators and trigger happy patriots are paraded before us incessantly. In the dark days that are sure to come as ‘the empire’ writhes in it’s death throws and the dollar collapses, all of us committed to a better world should do everything in our power to spread the word and make the madness stop.