Do Men Who Avoid Marriage Live Longer And Happier Lives?

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Is it true that men who avoid marriage are living longer, and are overall are much happier with their lives? It makes perfect sense to me. Modern marriage is a business contract from which he enters into a potentially lifetime agreement of indentured servitude. If the marriage ends, in all likelihood he will be financially destroyed, lose his kids and be forced with the threat of prison to hand over half or more than half his salary in alimony and child support. Additionally, he will lose a significant portion of his assets, including whatever stocks, retirement savings, or family inheritances he accumulates. In short, the end game of marriage for a man is a total bummer. The current laws of the court system are so blatantly anti-male that most outcomes of divorce basically end in extreme punitive rulings against the soon-to-be-ex-husband, thus punishing him for the divorce whether he wanted it or not. It’s a punishment for “him” and an economic windfall for “her”. Unfortunately, It’s the end result of a biological quirk which is far more prevalent in men than women. This is wanting to permanently possess an object of their affections, expressed by putting an expensive ring around one of her fingers, and ultimately doing nothing but helping to line the pockets of De Beers. In divorce, not even his emotional investment in the marriage or the kids is considered relevant. And often during the divorce, he discovers how little, if any, rights he has. What few rights he may be “free” to express, casts him in the role of a criminal who has to be supervised on child visitation day. The divorce rate is over 50%, and over 70% of them are initiated by women. And get this, 60% of the reasons why women initiate divorce is boredom, greed for his assets, influence from media, wanting to be with another person intimately, or “finding themselves” like in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and so on. In other words, spousal abuse, psychological torture, and infidelity make up much less than half of their reasoning behind divorce. For men, marriage is a losing gamble where he takes on 100% of the risks and receives only a small and diminishing particle of short-term satisfaction.

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Julia Roberts’ character left her good-natured husband in ‘Eat Pray Love’ to live in Italy and fall in love with her Pizza.

Think of it this way. Some men really like the anticipation of something adventurous like parachuting. So let’s say you go parachuting with you’re friends one sunny afternoon. When the plane reaches its proper altitude, and you’ve got your chute on your back, a trustworthy friend informs you that you’re chute has a 60% chance of not opening after you leave the plane. Though there still exists a 40% chance that it will function properly, would you rather discover this fact before or after you jump? Oh, and unlike the women who are jumping, you don’t get a backup chute. If you are a rationally thinking man, would you accept those odds? Would you still jump? And given the known percentages of divorce, would you still entertain the thought of parachuting with such hideous odds stacked against you? Would you still get married? Would you sign a contract whose conditions in all probability holds you 100% liable should the contract end? And the other signing party can end it anytime she wants for any reason without liability to her? Marriage is sold to men on an emotional level, and with the promise of tax benefits that’s only available if he works certain high paying jobs. But truthfully, anyone studying the current tax code realizes he’ll pay more in insurances and taxes while married over the long run, and more after the inevitable likelihood of divorce. Realistically the conditions for modern marriage offer no real incentives for men who rationally think it out. The irony is some women (and most feminists) still cling to their outlandish belief that the reason why more and more men are demurring from marriage is because men are “immature”. They must also be afraid of commitment, or suffering some sort of “peter pan” syndrome along with the whole “man-child” characterization. Also a deeper irony is when women decide not to marry, other women are supportive and characterize it in terms of women exercising rational choices. However when the real reason men won’t marry is based on the same rational choices, they don’t have anything but scorn for these men. Fact: 90% of divorce and family court results in the husband and father on the losing end. If a man doesn’t marry, then he eliminates the prejudices against him in divorce court. If he refuses to have children, then he can’t be ordered to pay child support. If he doesn’t involve himself with marriage then his time is 100% of his own, just like his money and whatever business he has. If he doesn’t marry he doesn’t runs the higher likelihood of being accused of domestic violence. If more men actually saw the fine print in the contract for marriage, and divorced from their socialized and romanticized ideas of what marriage means, he would in most cases not take a bad bet with the dismal odds involved in “holy matrimony”. Follow Ingenious Press on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • Gratis Ptaka

    According to a study entitled “Breaking Up Is Hard to Count” by University of Minnesota’s Sheela Kennedy and Steven Ruggles, the common wisdom that divorce rates have gone down since 1980 is based on faulty data from government surveys. Instead of going down, the risk of divorce has gone up.

    To understand why past statistics on divorce are wrong, consider employment statistics. When your unemployment insurance runs out, you’re no longer considered unemployed. Similar, erroneous data collection methods were used with divorce statistics.

    In addition to the erroneous collection methods, a significant portion of data collection on divorce statistics ended in 1996. For example, California, after having had four reporting periods of a 75% divorce rate, stopped reporting divorce statistics. The real national divorce rate for first marriages may be as high as 65%.

  • Gratis Ptaka

    Just what the hell drives a man to become a MGHOW? Day after day, I see one man after the other flop upon our message boards professing their undying naiveté and ignorance. Every single day, thousands of men wake up to the fact that their illusions and enchantments regarding just about everything were not only wrong, but insanely wrong. If you put it in a global perspective, many tens of thousands of men wake up to these realities every, single, horrid day. Then, they stand up, walk to their bathrooms and look themselves in the mirror. What do they see? They see reality. Each of us repeats this process every day.

    MGTOW see the ruination that women bestow upon men. They see the hypocrisy and double standards that women seem to thrive upon. They see the white knights tripping over one another for a sniff. They see the brainwashing and shaming with which the government and corporate realms purposely poison good men. Money, money, pussy. Money. Pussy.

    I’m so fortunate to have cohabited, in my mind, with the likes of you MGTOW. Here I am, in the same writing space, with some of the most wonderful minds to have ever existed (ManWithAPlan being my personal, rat bastard favorite). I am amongst the most lucky to have ever lived.

    We’re supposed to count our blessings, right? Each and every one of you represents the reason I get out of bed every day (nocturnal emissions excluded). We may not always see eye to eye, but dang, we certainly nail the important points. Thank you, my fellow MGTOW.

    When I get out of bed and look in the mirror, I see change. I see a world devoid of the gynocracy, the patriarchy and of feminism. I see a world in which men are not viewed as disposable ATMs. I see a world in which men wake up and live the carefree lives that women have traditionally known. Pretty dumb, right? Imagine a man waking up and thinking he can live the carefree life of a woman? Imagine a man expecting to have life served up on a silver platter. Imagine men thinking they have reproductive rights. Imagine men saying “fuck you” to the prison guard putting him away for non-payment under his indentured servitude man-clause. Imagine a man saying to his deeply hated X wife, “I’d sooner drown in a pot of boiling shit than pay you alimony so that you can fuck my X best friend.”

    Remember when people thought the earth was flat? They’re saying the same thing about MGTOW. What are they saying? “What a bunch of losers!” “They can’t get laid!” “Whatever bad things you have to say that will force men to live on bended knee, say it about those MGTOW!”

    Why do women AND MEN denigrate MGTOW? You know why. It serves women to shame men. It servers men to shame men. It serves women to denigrate all male thoughts that don’t specifically revolve around women. It serves men to shame men that don’t conform. If you want someone to act and behave in a certain way, and they refuse to do so, how might you respond? In the most denigrating way, right? That’s feminism and anti-feminism, folks. That’s White Knightery.

    MGTOW represent women losing pussy sniffing, white knight enforced, feminist enhanced, man destroying privilege. It’s going to get very, very ugly.

    Imagine waking up one day, and the only qualification for your happiness is, you ruled every aspect of your life the day before. Imagine a world in which you define for yourself, without gynocentric or white knight approval, what being a man means. Imagine a world in which you thrive without the negative, soul destroying influences of the gynocracy and white knightery. This is why I love MGTOW.


  • Tinesh Mogan

    This article hits the nail squarely on the proverbial head.Feminism has aggressively promoted promiscuity among women and sadly many ladies have taken the bait hook line and sinker. Ergo the only logical thing a modern man can do is to go with the flow i. e pump and dump or cohabitate. I saw the extent of damage of modern marriage has done to my own father. So that was the day I decided to embrace the salient principles of MGTOW and raise my middle finger to the gynocentrism which is prevalent throughout the globe.

    • Luker

      Any man marrying in this day and age needs his head examined. And I say this as a 22 year old dude!

      The jig is up. And life without the female persuasion is awesome in that you are truly free from many social norms that make the man a servant.