The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Your Number One Priority

thomas jefferson - the pursuit of happiness

Today I want to talk about the generosity of men, and how it often gets us into trouble and puts our own pursuit of happiness far down the list of life’s priorities. I think that people should not bend over backwards to help strangers, and be made to feel selfish and guilty if they don’t. That’s right, with great power a man shouldn’t be forced to take on great responsibility. With great power a man should be free to do whatever he wants within the realms of common law.

Why should a successful and happy person be forced to look out for others when others aren’t looking out for their own best interests? This seems like a cold argument, yet I was taught that in order to help strangers and to have good moral character, you must take care of your own finances, health, and happiness first. When you are truly in a state of peace and love with your own being, you are free to live life to your own devices.

Having said that, I would highly encourage you to share that happiness and love with others as part of the journey. The happiness will reinforce itself constantly when surrounded by the company of other cheerful people. After all, what good is life and liberty when their is so little happiness? Sometimes you have to just sit down, relax, do nothing, and restart life with with a clean slate.

Now I don’t believe anyone is saying that men should just lay down and “do nothing” all day like Peter Gibbons in ‘Office Space’. The problem is when the happiness of individual men is always placed last in on the list of societal priorities. That said, if men can seek out their happiness and pursue their ambitions and desires selfishly, and society benefits in the process, I see no problem with that.

There should be no more “salary men” slaving away for 40 years, getting butchered in wars for the supposed good of the country, or having kids because the state needs more people to tax and support the existing social safety nets. The problem is that society in the postmodern era isn’t male-friendly.

Men have been the sacrificial lambs of society throughout the course of civilization as we know it. But now, more than ever, is this so clearly evident. Confiscating male wealth through court-sanctioned coercion, and giving it to women by virtue of their gender, is being considered by Western governments. Special legal privileges and preferential treatment are being granted to women and withheld from men.

The list can go on and on. So tell me. Why should any man produce anything for such a society? Why should he risk his own health, physical and mental, in endless toil to make life comfortable for people who see him as less than cattle? Why do all that when he can get a simple stress-free job and then have some fun in his free time? By what moral standard should he be reprimanded for taking such a course of action?

Western civilization is in decline. There’s nothing to contribute to, except “apps” like Tinder which are destroying even more relationships than they are creating. Back in the day, the reward for playing along was a wife and children, that’s how everybody got you to produce and obey. Well, everybody else backed out on the deal but they’re still expecting us to hold up our end. I say “nuts” to that.

The real power is if men remove their utility, which women and the state/ruling class take for granted. It would force the system to transform because in the end, they need us more than we need them. This society can only exist so long as we remain blue pill workhorse provider chumps who compete with one another, either economically or militarily.

It depends on us entirely but the carrots are gone, and all that is left is the stick of shame and coercion. There’s just no incentive now. If the system doesn’t change, so what? By taking back your freedom, you’ve already won. We win either way.

I don’t think men should contribute to this society in any way whatsoever, but that’s just me. Ask yourself what this society is anyway. Most of the labor it performs is to produce worthless consumer garbage, most of it for women who do the bulk of consumer spending. Also, much of it performed by guys who are increasingly just hanging on by the bottom rung, and trying to avoid being weeded out of the mating pool by women who are only interested in 20% of the male population anyway.

We’re destroying the planet, exporting dictatorship and state terror, and driving entire societies, including our own, into poverty for cheap labor and raw materials as we lurch from financial collapse to financial collapse. Meanwhile wages stagnate and consumer debt rises for most of the population even has technology enhanced productivity, GDP, and corporate profit soar to new heights.

At the end of the day, just about all of it is to keep women happy and the men sedated. To conform to whatever cartoon masculinity their daddy issues riven solipsistic psychology expects and demands. All of it to avoid being a “loser” in the eyes of women. You think this is worth contributing to?

You do what you want. There’s no high command or rule book in a country where, thankfully, we still have freedom of movement and the ability to leave the country should we desire to do so. You are your own master, but I, for one, don’t feel the need to be anybody’s hero. Not anymore.

I think when it comes to most women this “generosity” is actually an entitlement in disguise. Real generosity is helping others who are dying, starving or in a crisis situation. Handing over resources to someone who is capable of looking after themselves is NOT generosity. This is where the word “equality” comes.

The starting point for most men in society is that they are worth nothing, they are only worth something when they act in an altruistic way for others, namely women and children. When they stop or cant do this they return to being worthless. The starting point for most women is that they are the center of attention for men, children and society. Everything revolves around their needs, wants and approval.

Which is why billionaire men, who have literally changed the world have to get down on their knees (in a begging posture) offering an expensive jewel to convince a woman (who has achieved nothing in life) to accept the privilege of giving her 50%+ of his hard earned income, just because she is a woman. Society is littered with formerly wealthy men who were ravaged for their assets by women who, if they were men, would have been deemed nobodies.

Your own pursuit of happiness is your number one priority. Not for the pursuit of happiness centered upon a woman, or for the pursuit of happiness to the state. Your very own pursuit of happiness, which is bound by your love of personal freedom and sovereign citizenship.

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