Tourism In Iran: Western Visitors Thrilled With Persian Hospitality

tourism in iran

What better way to learn more about the fascinating history and culture of Iran, and how the country and it’s people are anything BUT being part of an “axis of evil”, than to hear it from the tourists themselves? Tourism in Iran is growing steadily as the country has developed a reputation for being very safe and astoundingly affordable.

Perhaps best of all, the word is out that western tourists are being “killed” with kindness and hospitality by the Iranian people. Persians are by and large very thankful for foreign visitors because their mere presence proves they do not believe in the incessant negative stereotypes of their country, which westerners are regularly bombarded with by their corporate media outlets.

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  • Mav

    Whenever you leave the United States your mind begins to correct itself. You lose weight, you become more healthy, and your “hip hop” programming begins to wear off.

    It’s wonderful that traditional countries like Iran still exist, and have not been infected by our USA BULLSHIT culture. Iran is a wonderful country with low crime, low divorce rates, respect for parents and elders, and there are lots of drop-dead gorgeous women under those headscarves. Keep it 100 Iran. Keep it 100. :)

    • bnjf

      were you fingerprinted? because that is one requirement at entry that is totally fascist. even ISrael doesn’t do that- yet

      • Mav

        Just treat it as like your signing an autograph. Because once you step out of the airport in Iran that’s pretty much how people treat you. Like a celebrity.

      • Moza

        I would rather be finger printed and have my Passport scanned in at immigration/passport controle then have a US TSA Agent strip search me , steal my electronics , detain me and send me back without even setting foot in the damn country.

      • PJ London

        From 1980s people entering the US have had to have their fingerprint scanned. JFK 1982.

  • VincentVanZimmerman

    Went to Iran in September of 2013. Nicest people you could ever meet. Scariest thing is the traffic. And they LOVE Americans. They are so excited that you would come to visit their country. And they all want to get pictures with you. Extremely cool place to go to also with the historic Persian Empire places. Would absolutely not hesitate to go again.