‘Girlfriends Guide To Divorce’ Is Cultural Marxist Trash

go find yourself eat pray love Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

The cultural decline of the western world continues in this upcoming BRAVO channel series which just screams “Cultural Marxism” loud and clear. ‘The Girlfriends Guide To Divorce’ is designed to make family breakup look fashionable for 40-something women. It implies that it will bring back their “freedom”, and that they can go “find themselves” in all it’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘ style glory.

Marriage is supposed to be an institution where people are committed to each other for life, not something where you just call it quits and take half of your partners assets when you are feeling a little bit unhappy, or run into some troubles, 10 or 15 years down the line. Otherwise what is the point? Just shack up together! So welcome to the second coming of the ‘Sex And The City‘, where spinsters get an inflated sense of their sexual market value which is only possible from a Hollywood movie camera.

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  • Pet

    Yet the show is brilliant…at least the pilot. So your point is invalid.