How to Hitchhike Across America: The Complete First Season

thumbs up - Hitchhike Across America

Thumbs Up America!

David Choe, a Korean-American muralist who famously decorated the interior offices of Facebook for stock options instead of a cash payment (which eventually became worth nearly $200 million), hitchhikes his way across these United States with his friend Harry Kim, by using other people’s trains, cars, and boats. It’s all in the name of adventure and good fun, and they’re not going to pay a dime for accommodation.

Filmed in the late 2000’s (before smartphones killed any kind of inclination to actually go outside), this series was released in 2010. For your convenience, all five episodes of “How To Hitchhike Across America” are included in the post. So enjoy, and be “inspired” to go out and make the most out of life like these guys right here. Thumbs up America!

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