High School Social Justice Warriors Skip School Over Ferguson

social justice warriors

New York City High School students organized a walkout Monday afternoon in protest of the grand jury decision in the fatal shooting of the violent ‘unarmed’ store robber Michael Brown. In case you forgot, he later assaulted a police officer who commanded him to “stop!” following his store robbery. The police officer, unfortunately, had to put Michael down due to his belligerent actions.

The mainstream media completely butchered the story, particularly by putting repeated emphasis on the word “unarmed” to garner sympathy with Michael Brown and demonize the policeman. Oh, and Michael Brown was black and the police officer was white. An instant win for our cultural Marxist media outlets which relish on divide-and-conquer and portraying straight white males as the face of “the oppressor”.

I know it’s crazy right? These disingenuous and misinformed teenagers are skipping school to lay down in the street and “protest” the death of a violent thug? I distrust the police just as much as anyone else, but do people not have the common sense and rationality to be able to review death-by-cop scenarios case-to-case? These disingenuous unemployed activists (aka. Social Justice Warriors) are giving true activists (those who protest wars of aggression, toxic food, etc) a bad name.

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