Seven “He Chose Poorly” Memes Straight From The Red Pill

he chose poorly

“He chose poorly” was one of the most memorable quotations from the 1989 adventure film “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade‘. Late into the movie, which is set in the late 1930’s, the protagonist Indiana Jones uncovers a member of the Knights Templar who has been miraculously kept alive by the powers of the Holy Grail for seven hundred years.

Pursued by the Nazi’s during his journey, one of the films major antagonists is instructed to choose from a wide variety of Grails on display in a secret cavern, under the promise of everlasting life for drinking from the correct artifact. But there is a catch, all of the false Grail’s will take your life away.

As you could have expected from Hollywood, the Nazi official chooses the wrong Grail and is obliterated. Thus, the ensuing quotation from the Knights Templar has become synonymous with rash or uninformed decision making. Here are seven memes which young men can hopefully find some identification with the wisdom and humor in it’s content, and accordingly make the right decisions for the future.

he chose poorly - mortgage

he chose poorly - sexual market value

he chose poorly - white privilege

he chose poorly - settle down

he chose poorly - ashton kutcher

he chose poorly - ryan gosling

he chose poorly - prenuptial agreement

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