Australian SJW’s Want Children To Stop Sitting On Mall Santa’s Lap

mall santa with children

The Australian Children’s group ‘Bravehearts‘ (sounds like Social Justice Warriors to me)  has called on parents to stop their children from sitting on Santa’s lap in shopping malls across the country. ‘Bravehearts‘ wants children to stand next to Santa, rather than on his lap, “for their own safety”.

This is despite the fact that all would-be mall Santa’s have to go through extensive background checks, and that any self-respecting parent would be in very close proximity to their child. All while maintaining a watchful pair of eyes.

This is the latest in a series of subtle man-hating initiatives in ultra-feminist Australia, which is designed to indoctrinate all children that all men are “potential predators” or “would-be rapists”, even in tightly controlled circumstances like airplanes or in the presence of shopping mall Santa’s. Australia’s ‘Sunrise On 7‘ television show discusses the issue.

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