SJW Supports “Naming And Shaming” Companies With Male Leadership

amanda lundeteg - naming and shaming

Feminists and their army of Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) can’t get their head around the idea that if the most suitable candidates for senior management in a company or organization happen to be all-male, then so be it. In the following video, Amanda Lundeteg uses the pro-feminist, pro-liberal, and pro-SJW platform “TEDx” to advocate the “naming and shaming” of Swedish businesses that do not have a single female on their management teams.

To this young lady, political correctness and affirmative action is more important for an organization, rather than what is best for their financial success, social cohesion, and to simply determine who is the most appropriate for the job. In a true feminist society, gender would not even be a point of discussion because both males and females would be considered equal opportunity hires, under the guise that skills and expertise should be the primary credentials for taking part in management.

Giving an unqualified women a high-paying and high-responsibility job in upper management, just to fill a gender discrepancy, is highly unfair to any man who was also actively seeking the position. Even though those men were considered to be far more suitable candidates for the job. 

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