SJW’s Attempt to Shutdown NBA Game Attended by Prince William

social justice warriors - nba

Hundreds of Social Justice Warriors, chanting phrases like “I can’t breathe,” gathered outside the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn on the 8th of December, in an attempt to shutdown an NBA game in which the Nets were taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Prince William and Duchess Kate were scheduled to attend the game.

On one hand, I see peaceful protesters expressing 1st amendment rights protected under the Constitution. On the other hand, I see disingenuous people forcefully blocking people from entering a building to witness a basketball game. The NBA had nothing to do with Eric Garner being killed, yet these Social Justice Warriors are bringing unwanted publicity to the sporting institution through their actions.

You want to go protest? Then go protest by blocking the entrance to the police department or the local government buildings. You know, the actual addresses of the institutions these people claim to be the problem.