The Artwork Of Luis Quiles – Symbolic Narcissism Of Modern Life

nude woman on tropical beach

How many “likes” on Facebook is she craving with this shot?

Controversial Spanish artist Luis Quiles makes illustrations which are technically safe for viewing at work, but they will still make you feel really dirty and uncomfortable for doing so. Some of the most fascinating examples of his recent work has explored the topics of social media addiction and narcissism among young females. These images brilliantly portray how their thirst for popularity, validation, and even earning money among these mediums is hindering their personal growth and self respect.

That is not to mention how smartphones and their endless amounts of applications are negatively affecting people’s ability to relate to one another in the real world. I find that Luis Quiles symbolically illustrates the truth and reality of young life in the year 2014. And that is what I find the most disturbing when I think about the future.

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