Horrifying: White Cop Recorded Beating Black Man In Broad Daylight!


Yes hello? Cultural marxist mainstream media? I think we’ve finally found that race war you’re looking for!

When will the racist brutality of the New York police department stop? Yet another white cop has been caught on film beating a black man in broad daylight in the middle of Manhattan. But nobody can do anything about it without fear of getting themselves shot!

If you look at the horrifying photograph, you can even see that the white policeman’s patrol partner (another white male) doesn’t do anything to stop him from beating this black man senseless!

black man beaten white cop

  • True Bleu

    Good one. Now I am NO big fan of cops, but if young black males (en masse) could look at a photo like this, and simply learned to understand that point guns at police officers, reaching for the police officers gun, strong-arming store clerks, pilfering skittles from 7-11, and yes, even just peddling black market cigarettes on the street isn’t cool…

    Then they will leave you the hell alone by and large! It really is that simple!

    You can “demand your rights” all you want. But you also have to accept the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES that come with those rights.

  • PJ London

    Actually it is the cop that is in serious trouble. The black mates in three, the cop is scr***d. His partner cannot save him, so his partner is going to look the other way.

  • TheJokool .

    cops are not all pigs

  • James

    Staged.Blacks can`t play chess.

  • Dimitri Andre

    Lol good one