What Most Police Officers Think Of The US Constitution

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Not all officers of the law are bad. Some are actually so good that they are worthy of our praise, condolences, and protection. (Like Darren Wilson, who received death threats for having the nerve to exercise his natural right to self-defense from being fatally assaulted by the store-robbing and old man-beating thug Michael Brown).

But on a normal day, what do most police officers in the United States think about the US constitution? That supreme body of law that they swore to uphold from day one. Do they really care about it so much if they are willing to abide by commands to set up unconstitutional roadblocks, search and seize property without a warrant, or enforce “free speech zones” at events and rallies?

When you really think about it, here is what most police officers in the United States truly think about the US constitution… 

Face the facts. Most police officers swore to uphold the constitution because it was a necessary component of their induction ceremony. No induction equals no job, and no job equals no paycheck. People will metaphorically roll their eyes and swear to uphold anything if it means the difference in bringing home the bacon or not.

If the constitution is something a lot of them really don’t have “the feels” for, then you obviously need to possess it for yourself. Because you cannot count on the police to follow the rules, nor abide by the limitations on authority that the document is supposed to enforce.

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  • Rollon

    And Chief Wiggum is probably like “Still, I might have some use for this. We are pretty short on toilet paper at home right now.”

  • Greg Straw

    Cops the big lie in safety.