“Slap Her” – A Quick Review Of The Latest Social Justice Video

slap her

And not even in self-defense either!

“Slap Her” is the latest bleeding heart social justice warrior campaign which has hit the streets of Italy. It’s yet another movement which is aimed to end violence against women (because in feminism, violence against men is a non-issue and men are completely expendable) by putting women on a pedestal. This is designed to embarrass and emasculate men of all ages, and in this case small male children, through public shaming tactics. Here is the best comment thus far which brings some red pill truths to the matter.

“Women can hit men, but men can’t hit women. Women can also take the possessions the man has worked so hard for, and even his children, whenever she feels like the relationship isn’t going well. She even leaves without talking about it. Man becomes depressed as he had lost everything. Friends tells him to “man up”. Hooray for women’s rights! Everything will be better if feminism just disappears.”

What’s the bottom line here? Stop violence against everybody, and stop the man(child)-shaming.

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  • geo1671

    Here in Toronto Canada-at bus shelters–huge poster–women’s back with hand cuffed hands–reading “this what happens to abused women by their husbands–please donate to stop spousal abuse” We help :^(

    • Hp B

      Canada (aka) Zio-America Jr.

  • TheJokool .

    Feminist scum

  • Yankee Rebel

    this article misses the point like most other reporting around the world, maybe on purpose?
    it’s all about social change…break down the family unit, break down the people/ethnic group…read what the lizards did to our brothers in Russia in the 1920’s…read what these lizards did in China…and then read what they WILL NOT DO in their little stolen religious fantasy….

    • Ezra Pound

      Well put. Check out Dr. Kevin MacDonald if you have not already.

    • James


  • Hp B

    *This video bears the sacred 729 bar code of approval.