Putting The French Terrorist Attacks Into Perspective

perspective - French Terrorist Attacks

I’d like some fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective…

It is important to put the French Terrorist Attacks into perspective, and realize that there are far more destructive forces at work in the world today.

Regarding the recent terror attacks in Paris, I am not jumping to the defense of Islam like so many other “progressive” social justice warrior outlets do whenever a group of Muslims commit mass carnage. Clearly, there are some major design flaws in the Islamic ideology which are completely unsuitable for the 21st century, and the religion needs to be called out as such for breeding such insane individuals who carry out these massacres. Even more disheartening is how so many moderate Muslims continue to remain silent among all this chaos, and we’ve all heard the “when good people do nothing” mantra before.

But then again… “onward the Christian soldiers!” who make up the majority of the ranks within the United States military. That beloved American institution which is the most destructive and oppressive force in the world today. “Winning hearts and minds” in over 500 bases which do not even share a time zone with the continental United States. So who am I to differentiate between people who carry out destruction on the whims of a religion versus the whims of the state?

Additionally, I have no extra sensory perception (and neither do you). Nor am I quick to instantly jump on the “false flag” bandwagon like so many people seem to do nowadays whenever there is a mass killing that kills at least a dozen people. Let’s hunker down and get real for a moment, it just happens sometimes. Columbine, Port Arthur, or the 2011 Norway attacks to name a few and refresh your memory.

But has anyone made the connection between France recognizing Palestine as a state, the collapse of the Euro, and this sudden out of the blue attack? Ask yourself where are the bombs on the Paris Metro, Paris Airport, or hundreds dead in Paris highway attacks etc? Who apart from the European Union police state and Israel benefit from this? Where is the benefit to ISIS or “Al Qaeda”?

These Islamic organizations (whether real or perceived) look weak and stupid, and achieve nothing other than getting the ‘enemy’ (NATO) to allocate billions of dollars of equipment and personnel to this never ending farce called terrorism.

If you consider how easy it would be for “them” to sabotage electrical power lines, strafe rush hour traffic with automatic weapons and RPGs, hijack a petrol tanker and blow up a bridge, taint the water supply, leave fertilizer bombs on multiple forms of public transport, take out freeway intersections, cut fiber-optic cables in major cities, and so on… you have to wonder whether real terrorists actually exist. Because if they do, they are certainly doing a rather terrible (and infrequent) job of it.

If people were organised enough to successfully execute 9/11 – a complete stroke of genius in which mere boxcutters crippled the U.S. aviation system – where the is the never-ending follow up attacks? Should there not be low-key events day after day after day to subvert western civilization? Do they only “hate freedom” on a random day of their choosing, and then call it quits for two or three years? That’s often the case, so it would appear that terrorists are quite the procrastinators.

You won’t die from Terrorism

Never lose sight of the fact that terrorism kills hardly anybody in the big scheme of things. More people die everyday in car accidents, yet we have not declared a ‘War on Volvo’ because occasionally somebody does actually get killed while driving their well-built “Swedish Tank”. You are also more likely to get stuck by lightening, bitten by a shark, or die from an allergic reaction to a bee string or peanut allergy, than die from terrorists.

If you live in the United States and work in a convenience store (statistically one of the most dangerous jobs in the country), all the surveillance footage shows that you are far more likely to be victimized by somebody who likes they “could be Obama’s son” rather than a person of Middle Eastern origin. Yes, that almost certainly comes off as politically incorrect, but it’s also the red pill truth.

So why is there no “War on Hoodlums”? It’s because the whole terrorist shtick is nothing but hysteria to keep the fascist state and military industrial complex in business. In order to keep those institutions in business, the primary “enemy” must always be of external origins to western civilization. An English-speaking ghetto dweller who merely resides on the “other side of the tracks” just doesn’t cut it.

The target group of people must culturally alien, and speak in a language which does not use the Roman alphabet (Arabic, Russian, Persian or Chinese anyone?). That way, it’s much more difficult to sympathize with their plight through the tyranny of distance and language difficulties. Not being able to personally witness the suffering which is inflicted upon them through our economic sanctions or direct warfare is equally helpful for the public relations campaign.

What’s worse than terrorism?

I am far more scared of slipping over in the shower than being a victim of a terrorist attack. It would better (but no less ridiculous) to have a war on cheap Chinese bathroom installations. Imagine how many cracked pelvises we would save from butt hurt (quite literally), rather than appeasing the progressive media from the metaphorical butt hurt of “rampant” Islamophobia?

Even more ridiculous is how the world is making such a big deal about Islamic gunmen killing a couple of people, when no one wants to talk about the wanton destruction committed against millions by the real “axis of evil”. Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom. As for the other “Five Eyes” countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand), you guys are not so innocent yourself either…

I mean just look at all the death and destruction committed by the rogue politicians of the west and their fellow travelers:

– hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead

– hundreds of thousands of Afghans dead

– thousands of Libyans dead

– thousands of Syrians dead

– thousands of Middle Easterners killed by drones (“bonus points” if a drone obliterates a wedding reception)

But does anyone care about the deaths of these Muslims? Nope. They are all just worthless “towel heads” or something to that degree aren’t they? But in reality, Zionists and their Anglosphere sock puppets are the real evil. It’s all about their propaganda, and keeping the phantom “enemy” alive and well. The French terrorist attacks are actually a boon to their agenda.

And for what? So that the arms industry can keep hearing the sweet “cha-ching” sound of a cash register? Sad but true.

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