Social Justice Warriors Get Atlanta Fire Chief Terminated

fireman with mask and axe - Atlanta Fire Chief

The mask doesn’t just protect me from fumes, it also protects my anonymity from Social Justice Warriors!

The Atlanta Fire Chief has learned the hard way that “freedom of speech” does not exist in the United States. He’s been fired for harmless thought crimes.

Surely we have figured out by now that the concept of “freedom of speech” is a joke. If the 1st amendment (that’s first on the list people) is not honored, than you shouldn’t have much faith that the other nine components in the Bill of Rights are going to be taken seriously either. The Fire Chief for the city of Atlanta, at the core of the nations 9th largest metropolitan area, has figured this out the hard way.

Kelvin Cochran, the former Fire Chief and a devout Christian, wrote a book in which two short passages (out of the whole book) professed how he believes the Bible says sex is for procreation purposes. The passages also addressed his belief that homosexuality is “unclean” and “inappropriate”.

For that absolutely heinous thought crime, the LGBT community was outraged, calling for his termination. In the end, they won: the mayor fired Cochran in order to quickly extinguish the fanning flames of the Social Justice Warriors and get back to business as usual.

The behavior of SJW’s is getting out of hand. They are first in line to cry outrage and insult at every perceived micro-aggression, while they wish to push their cultural Marxist agendas on everyone else.

They espouse what is supposed to constitute normal or acceptable human behavior, while people with conservative or dissenting opinions or beliefs are swiftly punished by doxing and mob-sanctioned unemployment. (It’s as good as a death sentence in this economy.)

This story demonstrates that those who claim to abhor intolerant behavior are the same folks who commit it, clearly indicating where the problem lies. This Fire Chief was not “bashing” the LGBT community as an official statement of the local government establishment, he was singled out for a couple of words in his book. The whole thing reminds me of a ‘South Park’ episode that demonstrated the paradox of tolerance. Being intolerant of people simply because they aren’t tolerant of the same things that you tolerate.

“Intolerance will not be tolerated.”

How low are these disingenuous anti-activists willing to go in order to ram themselves into the mainstream, disguised as the upholders of “tolerance” and “justice”? It appears there are no limits. Their integrity, honor and intolerant behavior rank right up there on par with their morals.

Social Justice Warriors ought to be ashamed of themselves. And for crying out loud, stop being so butt-hurt over every minor detail or perceived slight against whatever progressive-protected set you represent. You ruin the livelihoods of otherwise good people.

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  • Ryan

    Where is the LGT–whatever “tolerance,inclusiveness, and diversity”? No wonder the Nazis liked “gay” death camp guards. They are BIGOTS.

    • dougdiggler

      So just because lots of top Nazis were closet gays (Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Hess, Ernst Rohm), does that mean all gays are Nazis too? Does that mean that all cops are racist killers or that all firemen hate gays, too? No, I didn’t think so…

      • Bill the eighth

        You should have left off the last word of this comment, then you would be right for once.

  • Shari Peterson

    One word: CLITORIS.

    • Shari Peterson

      That said, who cares what someone else thinks? Get over your butt hurt GLBT community.

  • dougdiggler

    Go social justice! Hey if you want to be on the municipal payroll YOU SHOULD RESPECT THE CITIZENS YOU”RE SUPPOSED TO SERVE– ALL OF THEM! Maybe if Cochran kept his bigoted comments to himself and had not gone out of his way to have them published in a book he would still have a job?

    • James T

      I gotta admit he made poor judgment on that part. But his comments were hardly bigoted, and he would still have a job if it wasn’t for the SJW witch hunt against him.

      Their agenda is to always remove the person in questions source of income, which as the author points out, is pretty much like handing out a financial death sentence in 2015. Because you can’t just go “pavement pounding” and find a job anymore.

      This man’s life is screwed. Watch how divorce and other domino effects of this charade will drive him to the brink. Over what? Because he said homosexuality is “inappropriate”. Sure we get along with Gays OK, but that’s what about 6 billion people on this Earth think nonetheless!

    • Bill the eighth

      Why don’t you keep your bigoted comments to yourself? Oh, you don’t have to worry about losing your job over stupid internet comments?

      This was once a free country with free speech and all of that, not anymore. With the likes of you and these “activists” we now live in a socialist dictatorship. Thank – you oh so much.

  • Hp B

    “Activists” = 90% “usual suspects”

  • Darkwing

    Free speech is not free any more, unless you are PC. Free speech is not free, if you are a white, straight, male

  • mamoud

    Hey big fan, are u from atl?