Neel Kolhatkar: What If Social Justice Warriors Ruled The World?

young woman confused - Neel Kolhatkar

Dammit! When we exterminated the straight white males we took most Auto Mechanics with them!

Neel Kolhatkar, a young Australian comedian of Indian heritage, created a video showcasing the ridiculousness of a social justice warrior takeover of society.

Imagine a world where all straight white males have been exterminated. A world where all social commentary and ideas had to be approved by “TEDx Women” before they could go public. A world where being an Ashkenazi Jew, or a transgender black lesbian female (complete with peroxided blonde hair), had you put on a pedestal as the top dogs of society.

“Top dogs” that is, under the ironic spiel of being professionally victimized all the way to the top, due to the continuing enforcement of the holocaust-industrial complex and “white privilege” campaigns.

Or how about a world where all food had to be 100% kosher, gluten-free, halal, dairy-free, solar-powered, and carbon-neutral without “offending” someone in our oh-so-tolerant multicultural societies?

Well thankfully, a growing number of young adults born post-1990 are showing signs of fatigue with all this social justice warrior nonsense, which has been permeating through the western world under the iron clutch of 3rd wave feminism.

Neel Kolhatkar, a young Australian comedian of Indian heritage, created the short video “#Equality” with some of his friends and it has garnered over 100,000 views in less than a day. The reception thus far is overwhelmingly positive. There is hope for the young!!

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