Cognitive Impairment Is Keeping Us Ignorant And Docile

happy smartphone addicts - cognitive impairment

Smartphones, Fluoride, and Prozac. It’s going to be another great day in the USA!

Cognitive impairment is an unfortunate result of a nations exposure to anti-depressant medications, chemicals, radiation, and 24/7 smartphone addiction.

When smartphones are taken out of the equation, I link this overwhelming guilt and culture of self-avoidance we have in the United States, with our widespread cognitive impairment from mind-altering substances. Recent reports state that over 75% of the world’s mind-altering pharmaceuticals are consumed by less than 5% of the world’s population –  right here in the USA.

Then we must include the highest level in the world of mind-altering chemicals in our water – from those peed out, to the fluoride, to the chemicals encased into our food supply, and this feeds into the problem. Then what about the growing number of educated and angry citizen from Shasta to Austin who are screaming “HARM”, due to the overhead bath of weather-modification chemicals being sprayed on us all. Aluminum destroys the human brain and CNS.

And even if the data collected from the growing number of ‘Independent Citizen Scientists’ reporting Fukushima radiation completely covering the planet now, are only partly correct, this is another piece of the perfect storm of self-annihilation that human beings are engaged in.

No wonder so many Americans just don’t notice. It’s easier to just turn off their moral awareness, take their anti-depressants, and keep their eyes glued to their smartphone. Isn’t it better to maintain their false sense of “reality” as long as they are maintaining an adequate standard of living?

Americans are technically suffering from too much cognitive impairment to function as an informed citizen. The ultimate act of criminal irresponsibility is to plea: “incompetence.” We are allowing this all to occur in our name, and with our dollars and with our evil front-men.

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