Are United States Military Police Training For Post-Collapse Riots?

military police riot gear

Must be a pretty big bar fight we’re heading towards!

Is the United States teetering so close to disaster that Military Police need to be prepared for massive civilian rioting?

Are the writings on the wall etched so deeply in stone that the United States is on the brink of economic and social collapse? If you catch a glimpse of the following segment from the Department of Defense “News” (propaganda) channel, big government is obviously taking this prospect very seriously. Behold, an entire regiment of military police training for riot suppression. A task which is often more closely associated with civilian police forces.

Now of course, they are trying to downplay the significance of this action, claiming that troops assigned to the 595th Military Police are merely training to deal with potentially hostile protesters in preparation for an “upcoming deployment”. Whatever upcoming deployment that happens to be is left completely ambiguous for the viewer.

But what is the significance of this? This can only put on public display that the federal government has little faith that local authorities will be able to handle the sheer volume and intensity of social unrest, which is expected to occur after a major catastrophic event. Whether that catastrophic event is the potential backlash of a war with Russia, or the collapse of the economy coupled by massive unemployment.

Even when just trying to look on the bright side of things, Posse Comitatus makes this show of force illegal. Is our Military really training to kill Americans? They did it a little over twenty years ago in Waco (Texas), so there is really nothing to stop them from trying their luck again.

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