The Cost Of Raising Children – Can Only The Wealthy Afford Them?

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‘Benjamin’ sounds like a great name for this young lad!

The cost of raising children in these modern times can equate to financial suicide unless you are independently wealthy.

Unless you are independently wealthy, the cost of raising children in this day and age can equate to financial suicide. Numerous online reports, and even commentators such as Tom Leykis, have mentioned that the cost of raising one child has now exceeded $300,000. Just what kind of average Joe has that amount of capital, or can accumulate that kind of wealth to raise a child? Especially in this ‘New America’, where earning a humble $30,000 a year suddenly has the veneer of being a “good job” in the midst of so much unemployment and underemployment?

Now forget the fact that bringing up a child is expensive enough, but take into consideration the real problem – a child’s future. In 20 years time, 45% of the population will be unemployed because of artificial intelligence. AI will replace not only blue collar, but also white collar jobs as well. So essentially, there are not going to be enough jobs left in the future.

This is not some sort of mad dog conspiracy theory, but a harsh and inevitable scenario of what’s going to happen. There is plenty of evidence to support this, such as the report from Oxford University, and even Bill Gates mentioning that jobs will be replaced by technology.

The numbers of working-age Americans not in the labor force is close to 100 million, and over 50 million are on food stamps. That is the reality. So taking all of this into consideration, is it worth raising a child in this day and age? For once, people need to stop being selfish and think of the child’s actual welfare when he/she becomes an adult. How many times do you hear parents screaming “My child graduated from college and can’t find a job and lives at home. What am I gonna do about him?” Don’t be that sucker.

Finally, is raising a child bad enough for those that already exist? How many are growing up with a mere fraction of the human contact that every preceding generation in human history embraced? Their eyes seem to be glued to an Ipad or a kiddie smartphone throughout the entire day.

And how about dating? Just how screwed up are the social skills and seduction habits of 17-year-old’s going to be in the year 2030? No oracle can give me the answer, but it’s going to be a giant mess nonetheless.

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    No “New amerika” but Jewmerika the epicenter of evil

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    Ridiculous spook article with absolutely no facts or merit to back it up.