A New Lame Duck President – That’s The “Change” Obama Brought

giant lame duck white house

A long time ago in 2007, Barach Hussein Obama promised great “change” to the nation, but he has proven to be a giant lame duck like many before him.

Remember back in 2007 when we were told, over and over every day that electing a mysterious Gen-X mixed-race community organizer from Chicago, with absolutely zero qualifications for the job, would wipe away the “original sin” of slavery and usher in a “post-racial” America?

Instead, we got a racial arsonist and his chip on her shoulder wife, both hell-bent on setting race relations back many decades by espousing the “privilege” myth. They have not succeeded at anything else in their privileged lives, but they and their cultural Marxist homeboys have certainly produced the racial animosity they sought.

I have never owned slaves. I don’t even know any slaves, and in all likelihood neither do you, unless you lived in the African nation of Mauritania as recently as 1981. But remember, slavery has only been the forte of racist white southerners since the beginning of history (queue the eye rolling).

I’m tired of constantly being told I owe somebody something, for something that actually affected neither they nor I. Particularly since it is also clear that the “something” they feel they are owed is quite non-specific, other than it will never be enough to satisfy their hunger for embracing never-ending victimhood.

If nothing else, Barack Hussein Obama has divided the country beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. His legacy is secure – no doubt one of the worst presidents ever. And, as far as race relations are concerned with how he has responded to recent events, the damage will last for decades.

injured duck - lame duck

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