American SJW’s Should Pressure Mauritania To Remove Their Flag

mauritania racist flag

American SJW’s are working overtime to purge the Confederate flag, branding it as “racist”. But they should read up on the history of Mauritania.

If there is one thing we can count on in the mainstream media of the United States, and especially among the localized cohort of young and idealistic “social justice warriors”, it’s that just about everything will have an entirely U.S. centric world view.

Anything happening across the vast oceans, north of the 49th parallel, and south of the Rio Grande, is either of second-rate importance or ignored entirely.

So you can bet on your life that the contemporary history and day-to-day life for the people of Mauritania, a desperately poor Islamic nation in northwest Africa, is not going to buzz loudly on the American radar.

What Kim Kardashian had for breakfast this morning, and who is going to die on the next episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ is more important.

But while leftist social justice warriors have been raging all over the United States in recent weeks about how “racist” and “hateful” the Confederate battle flag is, and how it must be removed entirely from the public sphere, they fail to even consider looking internationally to get some clear perspective on the subject of slavery. An epiphany if you will.

The fact is, Mauritania was the last country on Earth to officially abolish slavery in 1981. Let me repeat that again in block letters. Nineteen Eighty One. That’s slavery being abolished in the southern United States with an extra 116 years of leeway.

mauritania countryside - American SJW

Where is the “justice” outcry for Mauritania?

Think about it, slavery was not only still relatively common across the world in the 19th century (and certainly throughout recorded history), but anybody who remembers experiencing chattel slavery from the Deep South has long been deceased.

Fast forward to 1981, and the vast majority of people around the world who were born that year are not only still alive, but are still a comparatively youthful and healthy 34.

It might also interest you to know that Mauritania has been flying the same flag since April 1st, 1959. That means it has been hoisting the same rag across the nation, while slavery was perfectly legal, for a whopping 22 years between 1959-1981.

Where is the social justice warrior outrage? Why isn’t the political left outraged at this nation for continuing to fly their flag of “racism” and “hate”?

Is it because the country is predominately inhabited by both blacks and Muslims? Is it because these two groups of people are highly protected from criticism and scorn under the SJW’s international victim hierarchy?

The left needs to start putting their money where their mouth is when they regurgitate the preposterous notion that slavery more or less began and ended with white southerners in the antebellum United States. It didn’t, and only a very small proportion of the white southern population were slave owners.

But it doesn’t matter. According to the leftist media and their narratives, only the living white ancestors of the antebellum south, in addition to their distinct culture and mannerisms which have carried over into 2015, should be the subject of never-ending scorn.

Oh and ethnic Germans too, we can’t forget about them closet “Nazis”. These two groups of people have had to put up with this nonsense from the “social justice” crowd for far too long.

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