Do Men Never Truly Get Over A Relationship Breakup?

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An article which was featured in ‘The Independent’ suggests that men never truly recover from a relationship breakup. Or at least for a very long time.

According to an article featured on The Independent, researchers found that men may initially be content and poised after a breakup, but suffer severely as the impact of the loss ‘sinks in’ and they have to start competing in the dating world all over again.

I would have to say I agree with this. Frequently men and women find themselves dissatisfied in a relationship, and think the grass is greener elsewhere. Only after the breakup comes, it takes a while to realize “freedom” is not what it is cracked up to be, and there were positives that they were not factoring in.

Yes, it does take a lot more effort for men to find mates and romantic partners. They have to put in the work, as in the end it’s the prospective partner who has the final say as to whether a relationship will formulate. Women could very easily go out and sleep with a man every night of the week if they felt like it. Men would have a significantly lower hit ratio.

These two factors combined may explain why men are so reluctant to commit in the first place, and why some men seek to assert authority/superiority over women who have been perceived to have rejected or abandoned otherwise good men in the past. It’s very easy to fall into positions of posturing and arrogance when mens egos have been shattered. The fact that it takes so long to get back to normalcy in a committed relationship makes it all the more painful.

But then again, isn’t it more that today’s women have been groomed to expect the moon on a stick in any relationship? Even the best man will soon not measure up and, when ditched, will have no clue how to measure up next time. Those happy old married couples who betrothed in simpler times have managed to maintain happiness amid lower expectations.

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