How Can We Avoid Leftist Propaganda For Our Children?

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The state religion of leftist propaganda is infecting the minds of young children all over the western world. What can we do to save them?

The whole process of “taking the red pill” means rejecting what our government, schools, and media have told us our whole lives. Many of us came to it sometime around college or maybe after college. It was once we were just about out of the grasps of schools, where we were mandated to sit for hours a day in essentially sermons, instructing us in our state religion of “tolerance” and “anti-racism” among many other things.

Anyway, we all reject it, think modernity is vile, and try to improve ourselves outside of the system, reading old books, exercising, and improving ourselves.

Some of us want kids, and the question becomes “how do we educate them properly”?. Homeschooling then seems like a useful tool to fight against our children being pumped full of harmful left-wing lies, and likely as of now, it’s the best option.

Though I am curious if anyone has anyone found some sort of private school, a boarding school or religious school, that really does not “go with the flow”? A school that teaches that boys and girls are actually not the same?

A school that doesn’t instruct children in the supposed righteousness and pedestalization of homosexuality and transgendered people, from the time they merely learn the alphabet? A school that teaches young white males to be brave, bold, and to strive for greatness instead of to apologize and be ashamed for the crime of being born all the time?

If such schools could actually exist I am not sure. For every school needs to give you a diploma to be worth anything, and diplomas can’t be given without some kind of state-sanctioning.

Perhaps they could theoretically exist without accreditation from the state if they just had their students complete the GED, ACT and SAT upon graduation to demonstrate their own mastery of these concepts. Passing these tests should be ‘facile’ for a truly educated young man.

I wonder if a school like that could properly be created and maintained, avoiding falling victim to Conquest’s Second Law stating that: “Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.”

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