How To Stop A Refugee Crisis – Learn From Australia

refugees waiting

The Syrian refugee crisis could be halted if European countries took a stance on illegal migrants in a different manner, more similar to Australia.

Australia turns any boats with refugees away from its coast, and there is no exception regardless of what the UN or other countries call for. The reason is simple: if those refugees know they will be turned away, they won’t try.

Thus, this attitude prevents them from dying at sea and being exploited by human smugglers. The way the EU is acting, it will just encourage people to take risky behaviors in order to reach the welfare bonanza of Germany or the Scandinavian countries.

Refugees don’t care if you have a quota. They risk their lives and waste all their money just trying to get to Europe. They will be much better off staying in their home countries and trying to change their country from within, rather than exploiting the bleeding-heart liberal generosity of Northern Europe.

If Germany and France really cares, send in their troops to Syria and designate a non-military zone for people who want to get away from the war against ISIS. Amnesty International can go help these people instead of just running its mouth and criticizing nonstop. Because the fact of the matter is, the “refugees” are only heading to Germanic Europe for an easier life and free stuff. The “refugee crisis” would soon come to an end if the EU just had the moxie to implement such a policy.

refugee crisis truth map

But they are just escaping war right?

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  • John Watson

    Absolutely correct.