Debunking Buzzfeed’s Boneheaded “Gender Wage Gap” Video


Buzzfeed continues to espouse the bogus “gender wage gap” campaign even in 2015, despite the fact that raw data and factual evidence has disproved it.

Buzzfeed, already dubbed one of the least trusted news sources on the internet, has continued to make brainwash attempts on Millennials by repeatedly espousing the bogus “gender wage gap” campaign, all the way into 2015. However, it’s a great victory for truth and consequences when their own videos get lambasted by red pill viewers whose comments are catapulted to the very top. The highest rated comment as of September 2015 is priceless.

“I’m an accountant and I have access to a lot of HR and payroll data. I rarely see any wage gap purely due to gender: same company, same job, comparable experience & education = same hourly wage.  We have (mostly female) HR administrators to make sure of that. I do notice, in entry level non-specialized jobs, males are willing to accept lower wage than females for the same position, due to competition.

However, it’s true that more males are currently working in high paying positions: such as senior management (20+ years experience and winners of cut-throat competition), very specialized technical positions, extensive overtime & travel related jobs, hazardous and dangerous work environments. Bigger Corporations actually have social pressure to hire females for these positions, and usually end up hiring one or two under-qualified female worker to diversify the team.  And as a result, adding more workload and stress to their male co-workers.”

buzzfeed gender wage gap

Blue Pill Millennial: You mean it’s not really real? But Buzzfeed told me it was!

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