Inside The Brain Of Social Justice Warriors


Social Justice Warriors, one of the biggest scourges on western countries in the 2010’s, finally have their brains analysed.

The Youtuber ‘Thorium’ dissects the brain of your typical social justice warrior, which includes explanations on the ‘blame the west synapse’, the ‘white guilt protuberance’, the ‘guilt for history hypothalamus’, and the ‘think stopper’.

I am personally quite shocked, because I was quite certain they were lacking brains in any capacity.

“To think that just 200 years ago a person who would suffer from this sort of brain deformity and abnormality would have been tossed out to the margins of society, left to his own means to live and endure a meaningless existence and nobody would give him the time of day… to get to the point today where people with this outstanding brain anomaly can, not just live, but thrive in the western world shows just how far we’ve come. We can subsidize and secure these poor oppressed peoples’ lives, and why, some of them, can even become people of some importance.”

social justice warriors brain

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  • Hp B

    The mind is a terrible thang.
    (and the subconscious is even worse)

  • leevitowt

    The paroxysmal ‘Hitler’ meme of the auditory cortex – leads to epileptic seizures in normal people, and incessant ‘hate-speech’ in SJWs.