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Inside The Brain Of Social Justice Warriors

Social Justice Warriors, one of the biggest scourges on western countries in the 2010’s, finally have their brains analysed.

6 Logical Fallacies You Can Expect From Feminists And SJWs

Feminists and social justice warriors are prone to use numerous logical fallacies in their arguments. But 6 fallacies in particular really stand out.

8 Bits Of Manosphere Wisdom From Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is a highly unlikely source of red pill wisdom for masculine development, but every now and then he’s right on target.

Neel Kolhatkar: What If Social Justice Warriors Ruled The World?

young woman confused - Neel Kolhatkar

Dammit! When we exterminated the straight white males we took most Auto Mechanics with them!

Neel Kolhatkar, a young Australian comedian of Indian heritage, created a video showcasing the ridiculousness of a social justice warrior takeover of society.

Imagine a world where all straight white males have been exterminated. A world where all social commentary and ideas had to be approved by “TEDx Women” before they could go public. A world where being an Ashkenazi Jew, or a transgender black lesbian female (complete with peroxided blonde hair), had you put on a pedestal as the top dogs of society.

Homer Simpson Wisdom – Marriage Is Like An Orange

simpsons marriage is like an orange - Homer Simpson

First you have the skin…

A truly classic piece of (inadvertent) relationship wisdom from Homer Simpson. In the 1994 ‘The Simpsons’ episode “Secrets Of A Successful Marriage“, Homer manages to land a second job as a marriage counselor. At one point, he accurately demonstrates to his class that marriage is a lot like an Orange (but not quite in the manner he intended). Marriage is nourishing and sweet, for a little while. But then the juice runs out, and you realize to you’re disappointment and horror that all you’re left with is biodegradable skin.

Horrifying: White Cop Recorded Beating Black Man In Broad Daylight!


Yes hello? Cultural marxist mainstream media? I think we’ve finally found that race war you’re looking for!

When will the racist brutality of the New York police department stop? Yet another white cop has been caught on film beating a black man in broad daylight in the middle of Manhattan. But nobody can do anything about it without fear of getting themselves shot!

If you look at the horrifying photograph, you can even see that the white policeman’s patrol partner (another white male) doesn’t do anything to stop him from beating this black man senseless!

‘Fritz The Cat’ Mocked Social Justice Warriors Way Back In 1972

fritz the cat

Could somebody help me get rid of these Social Justice Warriors please?

The 1972 adult animated comedy film ‘Fritz The Cat‘ was a satirical work which focused on American college life in the 1960’s, complete with turbulent race relations, the free love movement, and left and right wing politics which defined the era. The following clip from the movie is mocking typical pseudo-intellectual “thought leader” types, who jump at every opportunity to give praise to the victim groups of the patriarchy. In this case, it’s an African-American man portrayed as an anthropomorphic crow.

Old School – Even Cougars Will Burn You In The End

old school cougars

The prospect of dating older women, also known as a “cougars”, can seem tantalizing. They are supposed to be more stable, more mature, and generally have less “drama” in their life right? But just because it seems like a good idea at first doesn’t mean she can burn you just as badly as anybody else. For all relationships, young and old, are fraught with peril. Proceed with extreme caution…

Vince Vaughn Drops Some Red Pill Wisdom In ‘Old School’

old school vince vaughn will ferrell

Vince Vaughn portrays the cocky character of Bernard in the 2003 film ‘Old School‘. He has some dour, but no less truthful, advice to give to one of his friends who is about to be married. In a nutshell, marriage isn’t always the best pathway to stability and happiness, and Bernard has the real life experience to prove it.

Old School – Vince Vaughn Starts A MGTOW Fraternity

old school fraternity house vince vaughn

MGTOW (or “Men Going Their Own Way”) is deemed to be a statement of self-ownership, and saying that only you have the right to decide what your goals in life should be. It is saying that men will not surrender to the social expectations of women and society, because both have become hostile against masculinity.

In the 2003 movie ‘Old School‘, which was actually written as a comedic answer to ‘Fight Club‘, Vince Vaughn portrays the cocky and confident character of ‘Bernard’. During the film he starts a new fraternity which has many parallels to the MGTOW movement. He states, in his own words, that it will be “a non-exclusive egalitarian brotherhood, where community status, and more important age, have no bearing whatsoever.”