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Strawberry Festival Is “Racist” According To Social Justice Warriors

louisiana strawberry festival

Here we go again with the social justice warriors getting emotionally butthurt over the most trivial and mundane things in life. This time it’s a strawberry festival (yes you heard me right, a strawberry festival) in Louisiana, where a set of drawings featuring faceless African-American children (calling them “black” would have doubled the butthurt), brought about divided opinions on their representation.

15-Story Dallas Building Goes Down In Controlled Demolition

controlled demolition xerox building

No Jet Fuel? But Why?

The former Xerox building in Dallas, Texas came tumbling down in a pile of twisted steel and rubble this past Sunday, during a controlled demolition.

The former Xerox building in Dallas, Texas (anybody still use fax machines?), came tumbling down in a pile of twisted steel and rubble this past Sunday, during a controlled demolition of the 15-storey office building. The implosion was carried out by demolition experts to make way for a new retail shopping center to be built in it’s place.

Pentagon Employee Viewed Porn Every Two Minutes For Three Months

pentagon employee government worker

Really? Are you sure this patriot wasn’t just monitoring the terrorist black-market porn-distribution channels which generate billions for evil gangsters? Trying to decode the messages being sent via sex positions and variations of female “Oh My God!” moaning?

In any case, a Pentagon employee identified as an accountant reportedly attempted to access porn while at work. An incredible 12,000 times over a period of just three months. Besides being just the textbook definition of a time waster, finding that much adult material online also poses a potential security threat.

Lee Ann Mcadoo Reviews The Feminist Fails Of 2014

Lee Ann Mcadoo - Feminist Fails

Feminists are the best example of the lunacy and mental disorder that represents left-wing “progressive” cultural marxism. Feminism is (like communism itself) one of the biggest failures in history. You just can’t make two opposite and completely different sexes “equal” by law, just because somebody yells “discrimination” or “sexism”.

Women’s rights are absolutely fine when they are reasonable, not when they are engineered by communist-affiliated movements which are designed to destroy the nuclear family. Because in communism, there are no families. All children belong to the state. We need to oppose feminism, along with all other cultural marxist diatribe which is being pushed by the ‘progressive’ left, on all of it’s fronts.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Actress Attacked For Cooking Husband Dinner

angry aggressive pissed feminist - Big Bang Theory

How dare you do anything to put a smile on a man’s face!

To psycho feminists, a woman who has the nerve to cook her loving husband a delicious dinner after coming home from a hard days work is worthy of public scorn. We are barely into 2015, and yet the feminazi’s are already embarrassing themselves up to notch “11” on the Spinal Tap amplifier.

Kaley Cuoco, the Big Bang Theory actress who earns $1 million per episode, is under fire for not toting the patriarchy hating feminist line. Her crime? She loves making her husband dinner. Paul Joseph Watson from ‘Infowars‘ has more on this story.

The Sexodus: Why Are Young Men Giving Up On Women? (MGTOW)

sexodus mgtow

Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars reviews the recent ‘Sexodus’ article posted on Breitbart about the growing numbers of young men who are giving up on pursuing relationships with women, and are withdrawing from society in general. He makes excellent points that the train wreck that is radical feminism, and the contrived ‘gender war’ which is promoted at every turn by the political class and the establishment media, is driving a wedge between men and women. Thus derailing the cohesiveness of western society.

Pentagon Revises The Vietnam War With $15 Million Propaganda Website

vietnam war helicopter

“freedom” comes with millions of body bags

The Department of Defense has spent $15 million on a website that some veterans, activists and historians accuse of sanitizing the U.S. military’s actions in the Vietnam War with historical revisionist propaganda. Over 3 million North and South Vietnamese were killed during the conflict, which inspired a massive anti-war movement in the US. This and other important facts and context, however, are noticeably absent from the Pentagon’s so-called ‘accurate representation’ of the conflict.

American Tanks, APCs, And Humvees Roll Through Latvia

American Tanks On Train

A freight train carrying a whole column of American tanks and other armored vehicles has been caught on camera in Latvia. Dalbe Railway Station, where the train was reportedly spotted several days ago, is less than 300km from the Russian border. Now just think about this for a second. How would the U.S. government react if a train full of Russian military equipment was less than 300km from the U.S. border in Mexico!? A bit hypocritical to be doing this don’t you think?

Peak Narcissism Has Arrived With “Selfie Surgery”

Marina Portnaya - Selfie Surgery

When will the relentless narcissism of the social media era, and peoples obsession with their smartphones, finally reach the tipping point where everybody just says “enough”? These days, people are so enamored with taking the perfect “selfie” on their mobiles, that there are now a host of apps to help them tweak their photos once taken.

Andrea Tantaros – America Tortures Because “We’re Awesome”

Andrea Tantaros

This is Andrea Tantaros, the same FOX news analyst who once joked that being on food stamps must be great because it would make you “so skinny“, and she has put her foot in her mouth yet again. Apparently the use of CIA torture tactics should be irrelevant to our nations moral standing, because America is just “awesome” and better than everybody else.