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How Can We Avoid Leftist Propaganda For Our Children?

The state religion of leftist propaganda is infecting the minds of young children all over the western world. What can we do to save them?

Stoicism – An Unfamiliar Concept To Social Justice Warriors


What Makes You Happy? Will Freedom Suffice?

what makes you happy

What makes you happy? Happiness is all about a state of mind. And I don’t know about you but I need my freedom and self-ownership in order to be happy.

The people that I meet, and the places that I’ve seen, will always remain with me in my experiences and fondest memories. Cars and other material things come and go with the ages. However, since the day we were born and took our first breath, we were born into debt.

What I mean by that is since we went to elementary school, junior high, and high school we were judged by our peers. We were basically in debt to our surroundings and the culture that inspired it. You were judged by the way you looked, by the clothes you wore, by the shoes you had on. If you didn’t conform, and you didn’t have the latest and greatest, you were shunned by your peers and looked down upon.

The Underbelly Of America Are Not ‘Losers’

homeless young adults - Underbelly Of America

That evil put down word ‘loser’ would be applied by most unthinking Americans to describe the majority of the seemingly “with it” homeless youth that one stumbles across in their efforts to portray the underbelly of America. This nasty epithet though, has moved up a notch and has come to describe the vast majority of citizens battling to keep their heads above water in rat race U.S.A. altogether. With jobs being sold offshore and the super rich consolidating their power, middle America is disappearing soon to join the ranks of the burgeoning under class. In this battle to survive, “starving artists” of all description will be those who fall.

Three Different Viewpoints On Cancer


Whether you believe cancer is lifestyle related, the result of ageing, or that it “can and does just happen”, it reconfirms that not one day is promised to you.

I. “Cancer is predominately lifestyle related. If you sit around with a laptop on your nuts, and a cell phone in your pocket while eating fatty processed foods, sitting in artificially lit rooms while stressed, and the only way you relax is alcohol and cigarettes, contributing to a highly reduced immune function in a city that is highly polluted from all the cars, then I too imagine that would be a contributing factor to your cancer.

If you enjoy the outdoors, eat healthy and exercise. You won’t need to worry about cancer. You can hope you get better and you will have lived a better life. Unlike Steve Jobs, you will die knowing the beauty of the world because you were not always at work.”

Ordinary Life Does Not Interest Me

writing with candlelight - Ordinary Life

Ordinary life does not interest me. I seek only the high moments. I am in accord with the surrealists, searching for the marvelous. I want to be a writer who reminds others that these moments exist; I want to prove that there is infinite space, infinite meaning, infinite dimension.

How To Thrive In The Age Of Uncertainty

age of uncertainty

We have entered a new age of uncertainty. Capital and production have become more digital, more mobile, and more globally widespread.

The days of walking into General Motors, I.B.M., or General Electric at the age of 20 and walking out 45 years later with a gold watch and a pension are as dead as the Dodo. What started out in the 1980’s or so is reaching it’s inevitable conclusion. As capital and production become more digital, more mobile, and more globally widespread, the margins have become thinner in a lot of these former “legacy” industries. They have not died out, but the workers have become more interchangeable and replaceable in this new age of uncertainty.

The United States Is Trying To Lead From Behind

lead from behind

“Notice, you will see red lights keep coming on and off. You know what that symbolizes? It means I’m behind the other vehicles. This is the picture of America now. If you go to most other countries, they are producing things and getting ahead.

The United States was once the leader in just about everything. But socialism and communists have taken over. So see if you look at the sky, you see infinity. You see no limits. You see the possibilities are great. But when you are looking down at the red lights in front of you, you see that many times we are trying to lead from behind.”

Duckman’s Best Rant On The Human Condition

duckman - Human Condition

‘Duckman’ was an American animated sitcom that aired from 1994–1997. One of the hallmarks of the series was the insightful but politically incorrect rants regarding the hypocrisies of society, such as political correctness, women’s rights, the movie industry, and the human condition.

Urban Mobility Adventure – RV Living In The USA

rv living

RV living is not just for a recreational roadtrip anymore. Many people purchase RV’s for full-time living to save money on rent/mortgage, or for other financial emergencies and to quickly escape societal unrest.

“I think my fascination with RV’s (recreational vehicles) began around 1984 and 1985, when I realized that having the ability to be self-contained resonated with me. The ability that I could go somewhere without having to rely on an outside power source or an outside influence (ie. $100-a-night accommodations) clicked in my brain. I realized that having an RV was an insurance policy in life, rather than just for recreation.

An RV can be used for a lot of different purposes. Meaning if there were some sort of emergency, or some personal situation in your life where you lost your job, or you had to relocate, you could have a home and a roof over your head, no matter where you were situated.”