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Wilsons Promontory National Park – Victoria, Australia

wilsons promontory national park

Wilsons Promontory is a 125,000-acre national park in the Australian state of Victoria, and is the southernmost national park on the continent. The park is known for it’s beautiful rainforests, unspoiled beaches, and abundant wildlife. Being located only 157 kilometres (98 miles) southeast of Melbourne, the area is highly popular with bushwalkers and campers who are visiting from the state capital, in addition to numerous international tourists and backpackers who are temporarily residing in the city.

Great Ocean Road – Victoria’s Top Day Trip

great ocean road twelve apostles

The Great Ocean Road is probably the top day trip in the Australian state of Victoria. It features the famous ‘Twelve Apostles’ limestone stack formations and the ‘London Arch’, which was formerly the ‘London Bridge’ until a section collapsed. This famous 243 kilometer stretch of road was built by former Australian soldiers between 1919 and 1932, who dedicated their work to their fellow soldiers who were killed during World War One. It’s deemed to be the world’s largest war memorial.

Hosier Lane – Melbourne’s Enclave Of Sophisticated Urban Art

hosier lane melbourne graffiti art

Hosier Lane is one of Melbourne’s quirkiest tourist attractions. It’s a cobbled pedestrian laneway which is literally covered in urban art. Notable for the very high quality and often politicized nature of the workings, the graffiti-covered walls and art-installations have become a popular backdrop for fashion shoots and, oddly enough, wedding photography.

Ryan Gosling Weighs In On Manhood In ‘Crazy Stupid Love’

ryan gosling manhood

George Carlin On The Conservative Mindset

george carlin conservatives soldiers

Melbourne, Australia

melbourne cbd eureka skydeckmelbourne cbd yarra rivermelbourne cbd flinders stationmelbourne eureka skydeck port philip bay

Stoicism – An Unfamiliar Concept To Social Justice Warriors


The Artwork Of Luis Quiles – Symbolic Narcissism Of Modern Life

nude woman on tropical beach

How many “likes” on Facebook is she craving with this shot?

Controversial Spanish artist Luis Quiles makes illustrations which are technically safe for viewing at work, but they will still make you feel really dirty and uncomfortable for doing so. Some of the most fascinating examples of his recent work has explored the topics of social media addiction and narcissism among young females. These images brilliantly portray how their thirst for popularity, validation, and even earning money among these mediums is hindering their personal growth and self respect.

Seven “He Chose Poorly” Memes Straight From The Red Pill

he chose poorly

“He chose poorly” was one of the most memorable quotations from the 1989 adventure film “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade‘. Late into the movie, which is set in the late 1930’s, the protagonist Indiana Jones uncovers a member of the Knights Templar who has been miraculously kept alive by the powers of the Holy Grail for seven hundred years.

The Exorbitant Annual Tuition And Fees Of A Liberal Arts Education

useless degree - Liberal Arts Education

The small liberal arts college of Davidson in North Carolina claims that their commitment to affordability “has never been stronger”, and strives to meet 100 percent of their students calculated financial need entirely with grants and student employment. However, I sincerely doubt that student employment is going to help cover the $58,000+ in various fees over the academic year.

And what will the return-on-investment be for their liberal arts education in this decimated U.S. economy, complete with outsourcing, robotization, automation, drone technology, smartphone apps etc? Something is clearly not right in 2010’s higher education.