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ANZAC Day 2015 – Reflections On The 100th Anniversary

anzac day 100 year anniversary

Another ANZAC day has come and gone, with the year 2015 most notably being the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings in modern day Turkey.

Another ANZAC day has come and gone. To those residing outside of Oceania, It’s the annual commemoration of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), which is supposed to honor all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.”

George Carlin On The Conservative Mindset

george carlin conservatives soldiers

Are United States Military Police Training For Post-Collapse Riots?

military police riot gear

Must be a pretty big bar fight we’re heading towards!

Is the United States teetering so close to disaster that Military Police need to be prepared for massive civilian rioting?

Are the writings on the wall etched so deeply in stone that the United States is on the brink of economic and social collapse? If you catch a glimpse of the following segment from the Department of Defense “News” (propaganda) channel, big government is obviously taking this prospect very seriously. Behold, an entire regiment of military police training for riot suppression. A task which is often more closely associated with civilian police forces.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Wants To Create “Chris Kyle Day”

chris kyle evil - Greg Abbott

Lovey-Dovey facebook photo! Be sure and “like” the mass murderer everyone!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced his plan to declare February 2nd “Chris Kyle Day” in the state. That’s right, we celebrate mass murderers now!

In an announcement sure to make every peace-loving Libertarian (let alone anybody capable of a rational thought) cringe at the seams, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced his plan to declare February 2nd “Chris Kyle Day” in the state. That’s right, from now on, until the day you die, an entire day of the Texas calendar year will be devoted to a home-grown mass murderer. Just how low as a country can we get? This jingoistic nonsense is absolutely absurd.

The State Will Always Be The Biggest Danger

us military helicopter soldiers - The State

Chris Kyle wannabes looking for “savages”?

The state will always be the greatest danger to peace and prosperity, but they would rather have you believe it’s a non-existent “blizzard”.

By now, I’m sure most of you heard of the snowstorm that hit the east coast of the United States. Before it all happened we were overwhelmed with warnings about the ‘blizzard of the century’ that would leave several feet of snow. Politicians were there with all manner of warnings. They were assuring us that any inconvenience, like downed power lines, would be quickly fixed by the state. Roads off limits to travel because of safety concerns, would quickly be removed of snow.

Should The ‘Waze’ App Have It’s Police Tracking Feature Disabled?

waze logo

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Police departments have a bone to pick with the ‘Waze’ smartphone application, which allows users to identify the locations of police cruisers.

A number of law enforcement agencies in the United States are campaigning to pressure Google Inc. to turn off a feature on it’s popular ‘Waze‘ application. The app combines GPS navigation with social networking, and over fifty million users in 200 countries turn to the free service for real-time traffic guidance. It also gives warnings about nearby congestion, car accidents, speed traps or traffic cameras, construction zones, potholes, stalled vehicles or unsafe weather conditions.

5 Things Chris Kyle And The ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Gunner Share In Common

chris kyle bradley cooper

I spy with my indifferent eye…

‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle and the fictional Helicopter Door Gunner from ‘Full Metal Jacket’ share several disturbing similarities.

This past weekend, millions of Americans shelled out a tenner (or more) to see ‘American Sniper’, the Clint Eastwood directed bio-pic of the deceased military sharpshooter Chris Kyle. Blue Pill Americans, or those who continue to espouse the illusary belief that the United States is the “greatest country in the world”, and that military service members are “heroes” no matter what they do, without doubt made up a majority stake of the cinema goers.

Pentagon Employee Viewed Porn Every Two Minutes For Three Months

pentagon employee government worker

Really? Are you sure this patriot wasn’t just monitoring the terrorist black-market porn-distribution channels which generate billions for evil gangsters? Trying to decode the messages being sent via sex positions and variations of female “Oh My God!” moaning?

In any case, a Pentagon employee identified as an accountant reportedly attempted to access porn while at work. An incredible 12,000 times over a period of just three months. Besides being just the textbook definition of a time waster, finding that much adult material online also poses a potential security threat.

What Most Police Officers Think Of The US Constitution

united states constitution we the people - us constitution

Not all officers of the law are bad. Some are actually so good that they are worthy of our praise, condolences, and protection. (Like Darren Wilson, who received death threats for having the nerve to exercise his natural right to self-defense from being fatally assaulted by the store-robbing and old man-beating thug Michael Brown).

But on a normal day, what do most police officers in the United States think about the US constitution? That supreme body of law that they swore to uphold from day one. Do they really care about it so much if they are willing to abide by commands to set up unconstitutional roadblocks, search and seize property without a warrant, or enforce “free speech zones” at events and rallies?

Horrifying: White Cop Recorded Beating Black Man In Broad Daylight!


Yes hello? Cultural marxist mainstream media? I think we’ve finally found that race war you’re looking for!

When will the racist brutality of the New York police department stop? Yet another white cop has been caught on film beating a black man in broad daylight in the middle of Manhattan. But nobody can do anything about it without fear of getting themselves shot!

If you look at the horrifying photograph, you can even see that the white policeman’s patrol partner (another white male) doesn’t do anything to stop him from beating this black man senseless!