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What Most Police Officers Think Of The US Constitution

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Not all officers of the law are bad. Some are actually so good that they are worthy of our praise, condolences, and protection. (Like Darren Wilson, who received death threats for having the nerve to exercise his natural right to self-defense from being fatally assaulted by the store-robbing and old man-beating thug Michael Brown).

But on a normal day, what do most police officers in the United States think about the US constitution? That supreme body of law that they swore to uphold from day one. Do they really care about it so much if they are willing to abide by commands to set up unconstitutional roadblocks, search and seize property without a warrant, or enforce “free speech zones” at events and rallies?

Milton Friedman – Timeless Principles Of Freedom

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Milton Friedman explains why the principles of Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson are timeless, and how we can improve on them even further since we have over 200 years of history to draw upon.

What we need is widespread public recognition that the central government should be limited to it’s basic functions. Defending the nation against foreign enemies. Preserving order at home. Mediating our internal disputes. We must come to recognize that voluntary cooperation, through the free market and other ways, is a far better way to solve our problems than turning them over to the government.

Can The Police Search Your Cell Phone?

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You’re at a party and someone from the police asks to see your cell phone. What do you do? If you don’t know your rights, you could putting yourself and your future at risk. Professor Josh Blackman details in this video the ways in which recent court rulings are defining and limiting the boundaries in which police can search through your phone’s contents. 

But if you need a quick answer for your instant gratification, tell the police that they need a warrant. A recent supreme court case has affirmed this stance. A police search of your cell phone is not within their right if you get arrested. That includes your texts, phone calls, photos, or Uber receipts. Nothing can be searched without either a warrant or your consent.

Liberty Pen – Checkpoint USA

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The American government wants to be able to search you without probable cause. In the following video, John Stossel of ‘Liberty Pen’ looks at one police state tactic which is used to accomplish that mission and get around that pesky 4th amendment.

The U.S. government has given border patrol the powers to set up checkpoints within a “reasonable distance” of a U.S. border. But what exactly is “reasonable”? How about 100 air miles from any external boundary of the United States, which is where two-thirds of the national population resides.

Six Things To Know If Police Stop You In The U.S.

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If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it about three dozen times across the freedomsphere. Nonetheless, few other things are more important to regularly rehash than knowing your rights when dealing with the police. Of course, the golden rule when dealing with police is to try and avoid dealing with them completely. However, if the police stop for any reason, always remember the following six pointers.

What The U.S. Constitution Says About Foreign Invasion

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Open Carry: Veteran Unlawfully Disarmed, Detained & Arrested

Mack Worley is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He was unlawfully disarmed, detained and arrested by Police for Open Carry on 29 June 2013 in Vancouver, WA. While open carry is legal in the state of Washington, he was purposefully entrapped under a false charge of trespassing on private property (he was attempting to return to his vehicle), in order for the police to satisfy their ego and obtain an arrest. See more on this story at Patriot Rising

Glenn Beck & Judge Napolitano – The Right To Be Left Alone

Andrew Napolitano and Glenn Beck discuss how the federal government exceeds its power to impede the individuals right to self-determine.

Bruce Willis And The Bill Of Rights

Bruce Willis - Bill Of Rights

Bruce Willis – Bill Of Rights

Police to Get X-Ray Scanner For Vehicle Inspections & “Public Safety”

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, this device will effectively destroy the 4th amendment. All by design. :(

See the article at Prison Planet