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Social Justice Warriors Sing: “Deck The Halls With Rows Of Dead Cops”

social justice warrior - deck the halls

Join the police-have-no-right-to-defend-themselves bandwagon now!!

The intrepid libtards of Portland were back “protesting” against #Ferguson on Saturday evening, as they blocked the busy intersection of SE 39th and Belmont as an anti-productive way of stickin’ it to the man. 

They blocked buses and cars, and got into arguments and physical altercations with several people, including: elderly drivers, disabled bus passengers, a black woman who was trying to pick up her son, and anyone else who dared voice their dissent.

Inside America’s Solitary Confinement For Kids

rikers island - Solitary Confinement

“Going in the Box, your mind just simply can’t take it”, says Ismael Nazario. He was locked alone in a 6 by 8 foot cell for 23 hours a day, a punitive measure that is linked to half of all suicides among detained teens. Human rights advocates such as the UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez, warn of the severe mental damage caused by subjecting young inmates to punitive segregation.

Yet prison staff like Norman Seabrook argue that it is the “only way” to enforce order and safely deal with violent inmates in a stretched jail system. But with reports that more than a quarter of young inmates on Rikers Island jail complex in New York City are being held in solitary confinement, including for minor infractions, many are questioning whether it really is the correct response.

More Military Suicides Than Combat Deaths Due To PTSD

depressed-soldier-ptsd - military suicides

“Punishment takes several forms. I don’t deserve good relationships. I don’t deserve a happy life. I deserve to be tormented with flashbacks, nightmares, and other unpleasant symptoms. Basically I deserve to be placed under court-martial and executed. Since the military hasn’t bother to court-martial me and execute me, I’m going to do that to myself”

Psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross discusses the issue of military men committing suicide. Is this really due to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after combat, or is there a connection between the over-drugging of soldiers on psychotropic medications?

The Human Cost Of Israeli Shelling In Gaza

shelling in gaza

They brought her in as soon as they could, but her little body wasn’t strong enough. The doctor checks for a pulse, but there is nothing more they can do. She turns to the father and gives him the news. His baby girl is gone…

One after another, the injured were brought in. Men, women, and children. All from the same neighborhood that the Israeli army has been pounding with artillery. Outside the hospital, the grief for the deceased was getting too much to bear.

This upsetting report from Sky News shows the human cost of the ongoing violence and shelling in Gaza.

25 Of The Bloodiest And Most Disastrous Massacres In United States History

Whether it involves already surrendered soldiers or unarmed civilians, you are about to experience 25 of the bloodiest and most disastrous Massacres in United States history.

Editor’s Note: Notice that a combination of statism, racism, union disputes, and religious quarrels are responsible for just about all of these massacres. Newtown, Virginia Tech, and the Bath School disaster (1927) are the only examples which were carried out by mentally unstable individuals. And how quickly could those three massacres have been stopped if good citizens carried guns?

The Dismal Sportsmanship Of The Cameroon Football Team

cameroon soccer players

alex song soccer punch

Yet We Still Get To Participate

usa soccer team

Australian Prime Minister Not Ruling Out Military Intervention In Iraq

Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia, has not ruled out military intervention in Iraq as the crisis in the Middle East deepens. After meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, the Prime Minister said that any request for Australian assistance would be taken seriously. Australia was the third largest contributor of manpower and materials during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, after the United States and the United Kingdom.

Hillary Clinton 2016: A Recipe for Endless War

Abby Martin calls out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her lucrative speaking tour in the run up to the 2016 presidential elections as well as outlining the former first lady’s corporate ties including Wall Street fat cats and defense contractors.

Purple Heart’s Final Beat – A Soldier Suicide Story

This story is far too true, and far too common. Soldiers returning from war, only to be oppressed by the same system they swore allegiance to protect. This film chronicles the last day in the life of one soldier – or many – as countless veterans every month end their lives in desperation.

Join the fight against the injustice visited, not just on veterans, but all capable parents robbed of their rights to see their children and help prevent soldier suicide.