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You Have One Chance To Live Your Way

rio de janeiro view - live your way

This life is no rehearsal. One chance to live our dream. Here today, gone tomorrow. Can we fulfill our destiny? Time flies, it’s no illusion. No one lives forever. You’ve got one chance to make it happen. One life to live your way. Don’t stop. Reach for heaven. One chance, so make your choice today.

Make a wish, keep it a secret. Why should you live with regrets? Don’t give up. But always remember the chance you missed, the time you’ll not forget. You’ve got one chance to make it happen. One life to live your way. Don’t stop. Reach for heaven. One chance, so make your choice today.

Joe Rogan: Be The Hero of Your Own Movie

If your life was a movie and it started now, what would the hero of your life’s movie do right now? Do those things and get on it. Don’t be held back by your past personal failures.

Show Respect To Everyone (Except Cultural Marxists and Femi-Nazi’s)

male respect

“I Believe In Science” scene from ‘Orange Is The New Black’

This scene ranks right up there with the “America is not the greatest country in the world anymore” segment from ‘The Newsroom’ in 2012. It is refreshing that such reasonable and logical ideas are being broadcast on hit TV shows in the United States.

(Note: The series revolves around the tall blonde woman, who is sentenced to 15 months in a women’s federal prison for the non-violent offense of transporting a suitcase full of drug money to her former girlfriend, who is an international drug smuggler. Most of the series takes place in the prison, where she must deal with the tough inmates who are considerably more volatile and less educated than herself.)

There Is More To Life Than What We Have Been Told

Why Carl Sagan is Truly Irreplaceable

carl sagan cosmos

(Illustration by Jody Hewgill)

Source: Smithsonian

We live in Carl Sagan’s universe–awesomely vast, deeply humbling. It’s a universe that, as Sagan reminded us again and again, isn’t about us. We’re a granular element. Our presence may even be ephemeral—a flash of luminescence in a great dark ocean. Or perhaps we are here to stay, somehow finding a way to transcend our worst instincts and ancient hatreds, and eventually become a galactic species. We could even find others out there, the inhabitants of distant, highly advanced civilizations—the Old Ones, as Sagan might put it.

No one has ever explained space, in all its bewildering glory, as well as Sagan did. He’s been gone now for nearly two decades, but people old enough to remember him will easily be able to summon his voice, his fondness for the word “billions” and his boyish enthusiasm for understanding the universe we’re so lucky to live in.

He led a feverish existence, with multiple careers tumbling over one another, as if he knew he wouldn’t live to an old age. Among other things, he served as an astronomy professor at Cornell, wrote more than a dozen books, worked on NASA robotic missions, edited the scientific journal Icarus and somehow found time to park himself, repeatedly, arguably compulsively, in front of TV cameras. He was the house astronomer, basically, on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show.” Then, in an astonishing burst of energy in his mid-40s, he co-created and hosted a 13-part PBS television series, “Cosmos.” It aired in the fall of 1980 and ultimately reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Sagan was the most famous scientist in America—the face of science itself.

See the full article at Smithsonian

Ex-British Soldier Ben Griffin: WE WILL NOT Fight For “Queen and Country”

Source: Veterans For Peace UK

On 7th February 2013 The Oxford Union held the debate “This House Would Not Fight for Queen and Country”. It was the 80th anniversary of the original debate in 1933 in which The Oxford Union voted in favor of the motion. Speaking for the motion were Ben Sullivan (Christ Church College), Ben Griffin (Former SAS soldier) and Gareth Porter ( US Historian).

Speaking against were Rory Stewart (Conservative MP), Nikolai Tolstoy (International Monarchist League) and Malcolm Rifkind (Former Foreign Secretary).

On the night the motion was defeated as it has been on every occasion that it has been held since 1937. Below a transcript of the speech given by Ben Griffin of Veterans for Peace.

Suli Breaks – Crazy People Will One Day Rule The World

When I used tell people what I wanted to achieve they would call me crazy. This advice is to all those, with dreams too big for others to understand.

Freedom is being yourself without Permission

True Freedom

The Four Types of Friends According to the Buddha

Laughing Buddha

Source: Waking Times

Young man, be aware of these four good-hearted friends: the helper, the friend who endures in good times and bad, the mentor, and the compassionate friend.

The helper can be identified by four things: by protecting you when you are vulnerable, and likewise your wealth, being a refuge when you are afraid, and in various tasks providing double what is requested.

The enduring friend can be identified by four things: by telling you secrets, guarding your own secrets closely, not abandoning you in misfortune, and even dying for you.