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Ryan Gosling Weighs In On Manhood In ‘Crazy Stupid Love’

ryan gosling manhood

“Slap Her” – A Quick Review Of The Latest Social Justice Video

slap her

And not even in self-defense either!

“Slap Her” is the latest bleeding heart social justice warrior campaign which has hit the streets of Italy. It’s yet another movement which is aimed to end violence against women (because in feminism, violence against men is a non-issue and men are completely expendable) by putting women on a pedestal. This is designed to embarrass and emasculate men of all ages, and in this case small male children, through public shaming tactics. Here is the best comment thus far which brings some red pill truths to the matter.

Lee Ann Mcadoo Reviews The Feminist Fails Of 2014

Lee Ann Mcadoo - Feminist Fails

Feminists are the best example of the lunacy and mental disorder that represents left-wing “progressive” cultural marxism. Feminism is (like communism itself) one of the biggest failures in history. You just can’t make two opposite and completely different sexes “equal” by law, just because somebody yells “discrimination” or “sexism”.

Women’s rights are absolutely fine when they are reasonable, not when they are engineered by communist-affiliated movements which are designed to destroy the nuclear family. Because in communism, there are no families. All children belong to the state. We need to oppose feminism, along with all other cultural marxist diatribe which is being pushed by the ‘progressive’ left, on all of it’s fronts.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Actress Attacked For Cooking Husband Dinner

angry aggressive pissed feminist - Big Bang Theory

How dare you do anything to put a smile on a man’s face!

To psycho feminists, a woman who has the nerve to cook her loving husband a delicious dinner after coming home from a hard days work is worthy of public scorn. We are barely into 2015, and yet the feminazi’s are already embarrassing themselves up to notch “11” on the Spinal Tap amplifier.

Kaley Cuoco, the Big Bang Theory actress who earns $1 million per episode, is under fire for not toting the patriarchy hating feminist line. Her crime? She loves making her husband dinner. Paul Joseph Watson from ‘Infowars‘ has more on this story.

2014: The Year Feminists And Social Justice Warriors Lost The Plot

feminists social justice warriors

Why are social justice warriors celebrating 2014 as the year feminism broke the mainstream? In reality, feminists lost the debate – on just about every front this year. For a very long time now, feminism has not been about equality. It’s about deep-seeded misandry, politically-correct authoritarianism, and blatantly anti-white social engineering.

The Sexodus: Why Are Young Men Giving Up On Women? (MGTOW)

sexodus mgtow

Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars reviews the recent ‘Sexodus’ article posted on Breitbart about the growing numbers of young men who are giving up on pursuing relationships with women, and are withdrawing from society in general. He makes excellent points that the train wreck that is radical feminism, and the contrived ‘gender war’ which is promoted at every turn by the political class and the establishment media, is driving a wedge between men and women. Thus derailing the cohesiveness of western society.

Would You Really Purchase A Diamond For A Smartphone Addict?

smartphone addict

That must be another one of my beta orbiters…

‘Kay Jewellers’ has recently released a commercial which portrays a coffee shop where many a smartphone addict dwells. The focus of the commercial is a young man who is trying to get his woman to pay attention to him on Valentine’s, but she is clearly in love with her smartphone. However, that doesn’t stop the white knight beta from wanting to bestow upon his disinterested girlfriend an expensive rock!

Check Your Dirt Poor Third World “Male Privilege”

check your privilege - Male Privilege

She’s just angry because she thinks she makes 77 rupees for every 100 rupees a male teacher makes

Are the forces behind feminism working overtime to literally wage an all-out global war on men and boys? Feminism is not about seeking “equality” as the movement always loves to espouse, but rather about working towards female supremacy through affirmative-action policies and various tactics of male shaming. This powerful short video (yes it’s a parody and filmed in England) shows the ridiculousness of the concept that “male privilege” could exist anywhere in the world, including very poor countries in South Asia.

Carnage In Columbus: Check Your White Male Privilege and STFU!

miss piggy angry face - White Male Privilege

Rawr! I must devour the patriarchy!

In Columbus, Ohio this past July, several young men were peacefully demonstrating against abortion when an incredibly rude and foul-mouthed feminist confronted them to express her irrational hatred on the matter. She later destroyed their placards, assaulted one of the young men filming the incident, and she even has the nerve to tell them to check their “white male privilege”.

Australian SJW’s Want Children To Stop Sitting On Mall Santa’s Lap

mall santa with children

The Australian Children’s group ‘Bravehearts‘ (sounds like Social Justice Warriors to me)  has called on parents to stop their children from sitting on Santa’s lap in shopping malls across the country. ‘Bravehearts‘ wants children to stand next to Santa, rather than on his lap, “for their own safety”.